Workplace Resilience

Are you and your teams feeling like you’ve run out of gas, as though you have nothing left to give?

In this new environment of rapid, constant change, we’re all seeking the calm and stability that will allow us to respond to change with skill, creativity and energy.

We are committed to creating organizational cultures of resilience –– workplace culture that works whether the team is at home or in the office. Now is a great time to strengthen our teams’ capacity to bounce back from stress with a sense of positive possibility.

Emotions at Work programs

Our Emotions at Work online programs and leadership retreats such as “Preventing Burnout and Building Resilience” guide you and your team in developing emotional resilience through the science-backed Emotional Rescue Method.

Participants appreciate the experience of psychological safety and warm, supportive community that are the hallmarks of resilient, high-performing organizations. We work with you to build programs customized for you.

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Backed by Science

The latest findings in psychology, neuroscience, and biology point to why the three steps of the Emotional Rescue Method work so well.

Step 1, Mindful Gap

In countless studies, mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and help transform negative habits. By creating the space between stimulus and response, practicing Mindful Gap opens new possibilities for responding to change with conscious intention rather than with unconscious reactivity.

Step 2, Clear Seeing

Once you create a Mindful Gap, there is a much greater possibility of seeing challenging situations with fresh eyes of creativity, rather than through the foggy lens of stress and reactive habits. The clarity of vision, Clear Seeing –– supports what is known in the emotions research as “cognitive reappraisal,” and leads to more effective decision-making, even amidst uncertainty.

Step 3, Letting Go

On the basis of the previous two steps, the body can complete its natural cycle of releasing stressful energy. As trauma research has demonstrated, when the stress cycle is frozen, there are countless negative impacts on physical and mental health. However, when stressful emotional energy is released physically and emotionally, the body’s innate resilience allows one to bounce back and even grow from adversity.

Learn more about the scientific basis for the Emotional Rescue Method.

Our Approach

We are committed to embodying these elements of healthy workplace culture in our own organizational DNA as well as in each and every program we offer.

All of our offerings feature mindfulness training in the three-step Emotional Rescue Method. This approach has been a proven game-changer for leaders and teams attending our workplace resilience programs.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

You have enough on your plate. We get it. That’s why our workplace programs provide a complete, turnkey package:

  • Emotional Rescue Senior Certified Instructors, led by Harvard-trained organizational psychologist Dr. Diane Biray Gregorio.
  • Live, online programs coordinated by our experienced production and tech support team.
  • Presentation recordings available for repeated viewing.
  • Course content and powerful support materials including mindfulness exercises via audio and text scripts with guidelines that can be customized to your organization.

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