Instructor Level 1 Training, Emotional Rescue Method

About The Course

Do you want to become certified as an Emotional Rescue Instructor? If so, you first need to complete the Introduction to ER Method which provides you a foundation of understanding and practice in the ER Method as taught by author Dzogchen Ponlop in the book, Emotional Rescue. On completing the Introduction to ER Method, you are eligible to register for this Instructor Level 1 Training.

The Instructor Level 1 training is your first step toward Emotional Rescue (ER) Instructor certification. In this course, you will have the opportunity to deepen your experience and skill in applying the Emotional Rescue Method. You’ll be introduced to the ER Community Principles, and will learn more about how people develop emotional resilience, including the science behind it all. Best of all, you will discover your own most effective ways of working with your emotional patterns related to anger, fear, and anxiety; loneliness, depression, and sadness; and emotions in relationships. By deepening your skill in practicing the Emotional Rescue Method, you will be fulfilling the most important prerequisite for continuing on the pathway to ER Instructor certification.

Course Goals and Benefits

This course will help you:

  • Develop further emotional resilience skills
  • Learn the science behind the ER Community Principles
  • Cultivate a personal mindfulness practice
  • Respond to stress without resorting to reactivity
  • Learn how to transform fear, anger, and anxiety
  • Learn skills to work with loneliness, depression and grief
  • Build confidence to work with emotions in relationships
  • Gain practice in instruction skills using the ER Method

Emotional Rescue Instructor Courses:

  • Based on the book, Emotional Rescue, by Dzogchen Ponlop
  • Aligned with scientific research on what builds emotional resilience
  • Adapted from authentic Buddhist teachings for working with emotions
  • Taught by certified Emotional Rescue instructors
  • Equally beneficial for new and experienced practitioners
  • Fulfills a prerequisite to become a Certified Instructor

Course Structure

The Instructor Level 1 Training is designed to help you develop greater resilience through a deeper exploration of the Emotional Rescue Method as it applies to emotions that we all experience.

This 7-week course consists of one 2.5 hour session per week, beginning with an introductory session, for a total of 8 sessions. During the course, you will explore the “Emotions Lab” in class, at home, and out in the world, as well as through your personal journaling.

These 7 weeks will be filled with practice, discussion, and meaningful connections with others who, like you, are committed to transforming difficult emotions into empowering energy, for your own and others’ benefit.

Wednesdays May 4 – June 22

4:30pm PDT

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Course session recordings are available for 30 days.

Course Instructors

Carlos Ferreyros

Carlos Ferreyros is a native of Lima, Peru, and has lived in the United States for 35 years. A longtime Buddhist practitioner, Carlos is a senior student and meditation instructor under the guidance of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. As a celebrated communications professional, Carlos has directed brands such as The Disney Channel, FOX, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, among others. His work won 9 EMMY awards. Carlos is co-founder of Zen, a meditation platform for Spanish speakers. He has taught Emotional Rescue in Mexico, Peru and Brasil. Carlos is passionate about learning, and helping others to discover, the positive benefits of meditation, mindfulness and awareness.

Dana Fulmer, MSEd

Dana Fulmer is a K-12 educational consultant, leadership coach, and instructional designer, specializing in the areas of literacy, social-emotional development, and project-based learning. She has held senior leadership positions in organizations such as the KIPP Foundation and EL Education, and has served as a consultant for global concerns including LEGO Education, the United Arab Emirates, and the Achievement Network. She has practiced meditation and Buddhism since 1985, and has taught meditation to adults and children since 1990.
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