Leadership Retreats for Emotional Resilience

Leaders can excel at producing innovative solutions in times of uncertainty, but only if they know how to meet challenges with a creative mindset that allows them to bounce back even stronger than before.

Supported by the latest scientific research, Emotional Rescue Leadership Retreats teach your executive team the science and the skills to calmly meet uncertainty and ease overwhelm in a focused atmosphere of psychological safety. Our methodology helps you ease your leaders’ overwhelm and prevent employee burnout. When teams feel supported by their own sense of the positive possibilities, engagement increases and so does productivity. 

Led by Harvard-trained organizational psychologist Dr. Diane Biray Gregorio, our leadership retreats bring your leaders the latest science-supported mindfulness practices to help you build a human-centered culture of focused innovation and resilience. 

Contact us at Emotional Rescue Courses to learn more about how we can customize our one- and two-day leadership retreats to meet the needs of your team.