Emotional Resilience Leadership Training

Your leadership team wants a livable, meaningful work culture just as much as you do. Our solutions empower your team to respond with resilience and awareness in the face of uncertainty.

We customize our workplace mindfulness trainings to help your leaders apply science-supported, human-centered changes that make all the difference in your team’s engagement and productivity.

Anti-Burnout Coaching for Culture Shapers. A coaching program for people who want the tools, plan, and community to move from being stuck in burnout to living with more purpose and meaning at work and at home.

Mindful Meetings. Build a strong culture of calm mindfulness, mental clarity, and creativity with our turnkey tools for leading more focused, effective meetings.

Conversational Turnarounds. Every workplace experiences a variety of emotionally charged interactions: a feedback session, negotiation, year-end evaluation, or termination. We guide your leaders through an experiential training that demonstrates firsthand, through science and real-life team explorations, how to turn a difficult conversation into a powerful opportunity for mutual benefit and conscious culture-building.

Psychological Safety Agreements. Research tells us that the human brain can’t consider new ideas, or even think clearly, except in an atmosphere of psychological safety. We show your team how to build psychological safety into everyday interactions that bring cumulative power to your organizational culture.

Emergent Leadership: A Dose of Emotional Rescue. We give your team a foundational understanding of the Emotional Rescue Method. Applying this Method in high-stakes stress situations not only calms emotional reactivity, it also builds your leaders’ ability to meet challenges and uncertainty with resilience and creativity.

Contact us at Emotional Rescue Courses to learn more about how we can customize our workplace trainings to meet the needs of your team.