Applying for Emotional Rescue Practitioner Certification

Thank you for your interest in applying for Emotional Rescue Practitioner Certification Level 1.

What is certification?  Why become certified?

While people can learn about the Emotional Rescue Method by reading Dzogchen Ponlop’s book, we have developed the Courses to enhance and deepen participants’ direct experience, by including further explanations, frameworks, and exercises that have been created by the author and senior practitioners since the publication of the book in 2016.

Our aspiration is that this method becomes available widely throughout the world. In order to ensure that the method is practiced and taught with integrity, in alignment with the author’s intention and depth of understanding, and to create a common language and framework for doing so, we have created this Certification process.

There are two types of certification:

1) Practitioner Certification: Levels 1 & 2 

This is similar to a certification process that one might get for learning basic First Aid techniques, such as CPR. One can learn and be certified to practice CPR in an emergency situation. However, such a practitioner certification does not automatically permit someone to officially teach CPR to others.

Similarly, one can be certified to practice the Emotional Rescue Method for oneself. This means that you have learned how to practice the most up-to-date explanations, frameworks, and exercises of the Emotional Rescue Method––ones that have been reviewed and carefully considered by Dzogchen Ponlop and senior practitioners.  As a certified practitioner, you will be permitted to display the Emotional Rescue Practitioner Certification Level 1 or Level 2 logo on your public profile, in the same spirit as someone might display a credential as a First Aid or CPR practitioner.  

The Emotional Rescue Certification Committee, composed of long-time certified practitioners of the method, retain the right to grant official Certification or to recommend further training in order to meet the requirements of Levels 1 and 2.

2) Instructor Certification  

In order to teach the method as a Certified Emotional Rescue Instructor, you must first earn  Practitioner Certification Levels 1 and 2. In addition, you will need to receive additional training that deepens your understanding and supports your ability to share the ER Method with others. All Level 2 Certified Practitioners receive an email invitation to take the ER Teacher Training when it is offered. Earning ER Instructor Certification  includes a license to present the Method using exclusive teaching materials and frameworks that we are continually developing. As a Certified Instructor, you will also be permitted to display an official Emotional Rescue Instructor logo on your public profile, as a professional credential. 

What are the prerequisites for ER Practitioner Certification Level 1?

To be eligible to apply for Certification Level 1, you need to have fulfilled the following prerequisites:

  • Have attended or viewed all sessions of Introduction to ER Practice and ER Practitioner Level 1 Courses, or intend to do so within the 45-day access period.
  • Have filled out all four Days (pages) of your online Journal

What criteria will be used to grant ER Practitioner Level 1 Certification?

ER Practitioner Level 1 Certification is granted based on the following qualities of the practitioner, to be determined solely by ER Course Instructors and members of the Emotional Rescue Certification Committee:

  • 1. A basic understanding of the Emotional Rescue Method and how to practice it.
  • Interest and engagement in the process of self-inquiry to discover one’s emotional triggers and patterns.
  • Respectful openness to hearing and learning from others’ views and experience applying the ER Method.
  • Readiness to register for further training in the ER Method in the path to teacher certification.

What are the steps in the certification process? 

  • Complete the prerequisites.
  • Login to your Emotional Rescue Course page and fill out the Certification Applicant Essay within 7 days of receiving the email inviting you to apply. Once you Save your Essay and click the orange button “Mark Complete” your application will be submitted.
  • Within 3 weeks, the Emotional Rescue Certification Committee and Course Instructors review all Certification Applicant essays in order to determine which applicants are granted certification.

The Emotional Rescue Certification Committee, composed of long-time certified practitioners of the method, retain the right to grant official Certification or to recommend further training in order to meet the requirements of that level.