Aha! Board

Christine Brooks
Emotions are written in the body and have their own unique emotional signature. Through awareness we can begin to learn our unique emotional signatures to make them more workable.
Elena Aguilar
When looking at emotions I focus on the BIG negative emotions. I am learning to see the fizz of all emotion.
Cynthia Wenner
I loved hearing that remembering is to re-embody. I will take this aha moment and share it with my family friends and students.
Jack Salamone
Jack Salamone To allow the emotions to come, be there, change, and leave. Allowing this process is the meaning of the word Tathagata. The one who has well or thus come and well or thus gone. In the Sutra called the Fire Sermon the Buddha says The world is one foire, the senses are on fire etc.
jan bramlett
Feelings of guilt and shame are JUDGMENT about what I'm experiencing. Never saw them that way.
John Mallon
The Feel, Hold and Look whilst listening to others, is a revelation to me. Offers a completely new, fresh way of being in relation to others. Can't wait to play and experiement more with this in the future.
Rachel Seely
I love the special gentleness displayed here. It reminds me of how I want to touch others and a reminder for how I can relate to myself as an emotional being. It also can convey the patience, respect and reverence it takes to make contact with a once wild horse now accepting of touch.
Carlos Ferreyros
I tried doing the Feel Hold Look as I felt the impulse to look at my phone for no reason just habitual and stoped and applied the technic, wow what an intense pull.
jan bramlett
I burn my house down in crisis.
jan bramlett
I remember years ago when reading "Dune" I copied down a quote and pasted it on my wall "Fear is the mind-killer" -- as i look at my emotions right now, feeling compassion from my new friends here in the training, I am reminded that I wrote a song about this crazy feeling.I had forgotten this song until now. Life is a circle everything's round, everything that goes up must come down...but why down around my head? Everything's related everything fits I just have to make some sense of it...before I'm dead. Why is it so hard to stay sane? I think it's a terrible strain. I'm a busy woman things I have to see, shelters I could run to, people I could be, I could be, anyone but myself. I, I'm just a regular girl living in an irregular world. Life is a circle, more than once around, something to remember when you run aground...the lifeboat comes around.
Nik Satterfield
The literal universe of perspective that is liberated in the "hold" portion of mindful gap!
Robbie Rettmer
In our breakout, my partner and I discovered that underlying both anger and fear is the experience of not being heard!
Preston G
Such a relief to be practicing Emotional Rescue! I tend to get stuck in blame, not a great feeling. Using Mindful Gap to pause and give some space to my emotions is a game changer. Thank you!
Heidi K
As an activist, I can say this past year has been unbelievably draining. Using the ER method, I'm taking back my energy and creativity for building the world we want.
Gretchen R
The ER method is simple, but it absolutely works. Even with everything that’s going on right now, I’m finding ways to deal with the emotional energy without getting overwhelmed.
Janae S
It may not seem like a big deal, but just being reminded to be kind to myself while learning to work with my emotions was really great. Thank you so much.
Mario M
Now I have tools to manage my frustration and anger a lot better. As a parent, I have to be able to do this stuff myself before I can teach it to my kids.
Claire W
I have realized how much my family culture gave me the habit of avoiding my emotions. Now I see the possibility that experiencing those emotions directly can unlock energy for the things I care about in my life.