Wednesdays 1:30 pm

A Dose of Emotional Rescue with Diane Gregorio, PhD

Hosted by Families of Color Seattle

Online Event

When we bring mindfulness to emotions, something amazing happens. We filter out toxicity, prevent burnout, and reclaim our creative energy. Join us Wednesdays to find out how!

About the Event

An electric current of fear, anxiety, grief and anger is humming all around us these days. 

What if you could harness this strong emotional current and transform it into boundless creative energy?   

In this session, we will explore the Emotional Rescue 3-Step Method* –– using mindfulness to transform fear and confusion into energy that empowers us.

To deal with COVID-19, civil uprisings, or any of the many challenges we now face, we need emotional resilience. Emotional reactivity, on the other hand, stops us from seeing and thinking clearly, and prevents us from taking effective action to handle the challenges of our lives.  So it isn’t surprising that science has identified emotional resilience as essential for mental health and overall human flourishing.

Whether you work at the intersection of healthcare and spirituality, or you are looking for skills to weather the pandemic, you need practical tools to strengthen emotional resilience, for yourself and those you care about.

Through guided meditation, personal reflection, and heartfelt discussion, we will explore ways to navigate the emotional landscape of this time, and learn to build the resilience to meet any challenge.  

When we bring awareness to our emotions, something amazing happens. They lose their power to make us miserable. We reclaim our creative energy and see new possibilities.

*From Emotional Rescue: How to Work with Your Emotions to Transform Hurt and Confusion into Energy That Empowers You, by Dzogchen Ponlop. Tarcher Perigree: 2016.  

Diane Biray Gregorio PhD is a social psychologist, applied researcher, nonprofit executive, speaker, and trainer. More at