A Buddhist Approach to Finding Strength Through Right Action


October 21, 2016 – October 23, 2016
Location: Rhinebeck, NY
Teacher: Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, David Kaczynski, Michaela Haas
Tuition: $440


Suffering is inevitable in life—we all encounter it. But how we respond to it can be the difference between more suffering and happiness.

In this weekend workshop, three teachers share stories and time-tested, empathetic, heart practices to show us how to transform adversity into a force for greater good.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche teaches how to turn emotions and hurt into empowering energy; David Kaczynski, brother of the “Unabomber,” shares how he channeled his hurt into compassionate activism; and author Michaela Haas explores the new science of post traumatic growth. Together they offer various ways to find compassion, healing, forgiveness, resilience, and happiness in difficult times.

Through storytelling, lecture, and meditation practice, we begin to reshape the way we think of crisis and see how we can thrive even when life seems overwhelming. We leave with a deeper understanding of the strength of the human spirit and powerful practices to transform our life.

Anyone looking to find happiness, even in the face of life’s inevitable setbacks, is welcome.